Plantar Faciistis

Plantar Faciistis

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It is always described as intense sharp heel pain with the first couple of steps in the morning together with limping and slowly the pain decreases throughout daily activities. Plantar fasciitis is due to excessive stress and repetitive micro trauma causing inflammation and swelling to connective tissues between heel bones to the toes bones.


Sometimes, plantar fasciitis can be due to excessive foot pronation (foot rolls too far inward) which can be corrected using proper shoes insole. It can also be caused by recent improper shoes fitting stressing the ligaments and connective tissues.



What can Chiropractor in Malaysia do for you?

We aim to :

1) Reduce the stress in the ligament by relaxing the muscles around the joints and performing chiropractic adjustment

2) Remember one of the things that can happen when you suffer this condition is change in your manner of walking to reduce the pain you are experiencing. However, this will cause misalignment caused by a chance in your walking pattern. And misalignment if left untreated can cause problems in other parts of your body including your ankles, knee, hips and lower back.

3) As we are known for natural healing, your conditions often works well in conjunction with other treatments such as shockwave therapy, physiotherapy and massage therapy.