Low Back Pain Treatment

Low Back Pain Treatment

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Our back is a well-engineered structure consisting of muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs and bones which work together to support the body and enable us to move around.

The low back plays an important role in supporting the weight of our upper body and provides flexibility and mobility responsible for our everyday motions such as bending forward, twisting left and right as well as rotating our hips while walking. Nerves in the low back branches out and supply sensation and power to the muscles in the pelvis, legs and feet.

Low back pain is so common that 80% of the population experience it during their lifetime. In Malaysia, the study showed that up to 63% of the population has low back pain and it is encountered both in general and specialist practice.

Low back pain is usually caused by an injury to the back such as overstretching during lifting, bending or twisting. This ma

y result in damage to muscles, ligaments or the discs. Other factors include:

• Bad work practice and lifting techniques
• Poor Posture (Sloughing)
• Overweight
• Lack of exercise
• Pregnancy
• Stress

Most common complained by patients are low back pain accompanied with limited motion. This can be merely due to misalignment of the vertebrae, slipped disc, nerve compression or injury of the muscles or ligaments. In serious case, it can be due to red flag conditions such as cancer.

Through proper history taking and physical examination, our chiropractor will find causes your low back pain and advise you the necessary treatment. In fact, many studies have concluded that spinal manipulation performed by chiropractors are generally effective for the treatment of low back pain. With the combination of physiotherapy treatment, we will make sure you obtain full recovery and avoid any reoccurrence in the future!

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